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You look cute in your pick up truck

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And recently it seems that our desire to mitigate our environmental impact and spend less time behind the wheel has caused us to forget the number one reason most of us buy cars today—practicality. The pickup truck. In August, my girlfriend and I drove up to Oregon for the eclipse. That pretty thoroughly filled the 5.

One ij, that drive included two days on lonely desert highways, a few miles on dirt roads, and a little bit of real off-road that was Fuck girl Poland enough to require four-wheel drive.

The day after arriving in camp, five friends decided to hit some singletrack an hour away for a group ride.

Now emptied of all that camping gear, the truck fit all the bikes and all their riders just fine, without the aid of any racks. And at the end of the day, we can empty all that stuff out and sleep in the back.

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Of course, you know pickup trucks can haul stuff. A couple years ago, I took a friend and his two teenagers on a camping trip up at Coyote Flatin the eastern Sierra. The F has 1.

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Other ,ook trucks offer similar space. Spending days at a time on two-lane highways alongside slow trucks and bad drivers can get really frustrating if you lack the ability cufe pass easily. The GMC we You look cute in your pick up truck driving was equipped with a 6. That horsepower Sierra runs zero to 60 mph in just 5. Reframe the metric as work per gallon versus miles per gallonand pickups actually do pretty well on fuel.

I owned a Subaru Outback for about 18 months, when it was new. On long trips, loaded down with gear, I Horny women in Cranberry Pennsylvania about 27 mpg.

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The Subaru is more efficient, right? Well, hold on. The GMC may have gotten only 20 mpg, but it got 20 mpg while being nearly twice as useful and carrying about twice as heavy a load. Extrapolate that to daily use.

Could a pickup complete a job in Fuck date bbw lillooet single trip that would take a passenger car two or more trips? With a Yakima basket and mountain bike on top of the Outback, I saw fuel economy fall as low as 22 mpg.

And that car could fit maybe three bikes, tops. One piick getting 20 mpg versus two cars getting 22? You need to think about fuel economy in terms of the work being performed, not simply the miles being covered.

Look at that intact passenger cell! They're developed and iterated more trruck than any other vehicles. Crash safety among all cars has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years.

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And while technologies like crumple zones, airbags, and automatic braking have made modern passenger cars far safer You look cute in your pick up truck old pickups, modern trucks benefit from all the same technologies cars do, while also having physics on their side. You also have to factor in other size differences. Should a truck hit the side of a passenger car, its higher lolk will strike the car halfway up cite doors. Truck makers love to advertise off-road equipment like four-wheel drive, lifted suspension, and anything else that might sound cool on a garish sticker.

Even hopped-up special editions like the class-dominating Ford F Raptor are simply too long, too low, and too vulnerable to venture into Land Rover territory. Those marketing stickers also trick buyers into thinking a pickup will be good in hazardous winter weather.

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But as we identified earlier this year, the only thing on your car that helps in snow or on ice is a high-quality set of winter tires. But none of that matters.

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More interior space than a luxury car. Enough horsepower to outrun a year-old Ferrari. Enough room in ln bed for two people to sleep in back. Enough power to tow and haul virtually anything.

Four-wheel drive. Surprisingly good fuel economy, given all of the above. Combine all You look cute in your pick up truck merits into one vehicle, and the result is surprisingly affordable. Luxury pickups like this GMC Sierra are nicer places to spend time than expensive luxury cars, while still towing, hauling, and getting down dirt roads as well as their poverty-spec stablemates. Full-size pickups are the bestselling vehicles in the country, and as such, competition among truck makers is fierce.

That volume is the reason so much value can be Free sex for women Nortonville Kansas into such reasonable price tags. But, every full-size pickup on sale right now trucm pretty much tied for being the best adventuremobile out there. Or which one you think looks best.

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