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Take advantage of your looks I Am Look For Adult Dating

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Take advantage of your looks

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The things I like. Yeah I might be a bitch but if you can't roll with the punches then that's what it is. I'm up for anything right now. Taie work full time doing concrete and do drive.

Age: 20
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City: Memphis, TN
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Relation Type: Mature Swinger Searching British Dating

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However, this begs the question of whether this practice is actually morally sound, and what the possible consequences could be.

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Sure there are some women who take Here only for friends too far and manipulate men to no end, but, as with most things Take advantage of your looks life, when done in moderation, using your looks for personal gain is relatively harmless.

To further prove my point, I ask you to imagine this scenario:. Do you think Chris is more likely to pull over and assist the female if she is wearing sweatpants and has a relatively irritated demeanor, or if she is wearing lookz mini skirt and looks yoru

So, when a woman is distressed and in need of some assistance, she wants to find someone that is most likely to help her with no questions asked. Should it be this way? No, of loiks not.

People should be willing to help those in need regardless of what they look like. However, women are not always using their looks to get what they want with no intention of giving anything in return aside from the satisfaction of interacting with a fine lady.

This is especially Take advantage of your looks in the case of the nightlife.

Women know men only approach the women in bars whom they find exceptionally attractive. Women should Take advantage of your looks be bearing the brunt of the blame for this phenomenon of using their looks to their advantage. The only reason females continue to use this tactic is because men let it work in the first place.

Males are just as willing to reward females for looking good as females are to try for it. Who knows?

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Even if all women stopped dressing provocatively to gain male attention, men would create new criteria to determine above average attractiveness in order to locate the most desirable female Take advantage of your looks the room. To change this tradition of the most beautiful women in society being the most valued, it must start with the men ending their objectification of women.

As long as men keep giving in and letting attractive girls have special benefits, women will keep looking for opportunities to gain just that. Let your beauty flag fly, ladies. Skip to main content. To further prove my point, I ask you to imagine this scenario:

I get extra stuff on food, triple shots instead of a single, stuff like that. The downside is my gf gets the short end with dirty looks. Eh not really, I believe your looks speak more if you're confident about We all take advantage of our assets and skills and use it to further. Using Your Looks to Your Advantage: HER SIDE Sure there are some women who take it too far and manipulate men to no end, but, as with.