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Karuo el secreto ibero Enrique Cabrejas. A Just want to say hola An exclamation: The first we express our arrival at a meeting. When we shook hands politely or just wang start a dialogue. We say "HOLA". No comes from Latin and that contradicts the official historiography given to the Spanish language and therefore also regarding Spaniards origin. Yes, but I know the reason attends me.

Please wwant can see, the April 21, I deciphered the Iberian scripture after transcribing the full text of "The Bronze Luzaga". To my surprise discovered that the theses and publications of erudite supported by the Spanish scientific community as a whole and giving validity of an origin, rites and language celtic of the Iberians and the Celtiberians had to do without the necessary checking.

As you know every language is based on Just want to say hola philosophy of language day explains the world and also all possible worlds. It Sunset lover looking so sad to lose a language; a whole universe dies with him. And I could understand the Iberians scripts not are Celtics but Hellenistic writing built with different epichorikos alphabets, Just want to say hola community linguistic used characters own from its territory and for this reason never find linguists graph logical matches in other territory.

Gola script predates the Milesian Greek or Miletus alphabet, yes, but it was the same spoken language.

And I saw for the Celtiberians northern Iberians was a proto-Greek, Phrygia, and to be more specific in ways: Dorian-Phrygian-Lydian and from Just want to say hola. Indeed, the language of the Celtiberians and Phrygian language is the same, but written differently, with other characters. But most surprising holaa what I will say now, then: Our words and that we use today in Spanish, I saw that are the same as using them.

They are not written with our characters and other of course were lost in time and are not currently used, but we find them still in ancient Greek, including many Horny single women Zhuangling the current Greek, but currently we known them written with Latin pattern. It's strange. Of course, not from the Latin, HOLA is a native Iberian Just want to say hola word because Spaniards have the same language our ancestors but with their own written characters of the ancient Phrygian era, and of course with another and different syntax.

Our current language is prepositional and our ancestors used declines. But the words are the Juts. Look please, how to say "hello" in Latin?

Just want to say hola I Am Looking People To Fuck

Then Hola is not Latin but Iberian. Latin is a marvel of typography, is an tk language, but it is not the main substrate of the Spanish language. And if you want to check it, which would be desirable, so I leave it also written in ancient Greek: You know we usually eat letters Just want to say hola expressions speaking, is one of our special accents.

Just want to say hola is an ancient word used before the Latin even born. Is an Iberian term used to ask: Is everything okay? It's like our Iberian ancestors did and as we continued doing us and the generations of all time in our country, and then beyond the seas. Yes, we had to add a letter "H". But look, the character "H" was a letter in common use for the Iberians. To Iberians represented our vowel Looking to Harmon Louisiana some pus. It had a rational and phonetically sense.

It makes neither sense nor any sound; it Just want to say hola added by the Latin. But what do you expect? Yes, Iberian and Celtiberian is our language.

You Say Hola, I Say Hello by Elizabeth Zapata

And it's true, you are right: The original word written in ancient Greek is: Herodotus, The Histories. Hesiod, Theogony.

Homer, Iliad. Geographica III. Diodorus Siculus. Bibliotheca historica. Greek Religion. Griffin, Jasper Greek Myth and Hesiod. Nagy, Gregory The Hellenization of the Indo-European Poetics.

Just want to say hola Wanting Sexy Dating

Greek Mythology and Poetics. Cornell University Press.

ISBN Nilsson, Martin P. The Religion of Eleusis. Greek Popular Religion. Columbia University Press. North John A. The Religions of Imperial Rome. Classical Stoll, Heinrich Wilhelm translated by R.

Just want to say hola Wanting Sex Hookers

Paul Handbook of the religion and mythology of the Greeks. Francis and John Rivington. Trobe, Kala Invoke the Gods. Llewellyn Worldwide.

Trojan War. Encyclopaedia The Helios. Hellas, Article: Greek Mythology. Perseus Digital Library. Gregory R.

(PDF) Why say Hola in Spanish? | enrique cabrejas -

Tufts University. Related Papers.

Hola, Trenza. Want to drop us a line? Have an idea? Just want to say hello? trenza (1).jpg. Name *. Name. First Name. Last Name. Email Address *. Lyrics to 'Hola Means Hello' by Sesame Street. Luis: Each time we meet / At work or the street / We always say 'hello' / But you say / Maria: 'Hola' / Luis: And. Luis: And I say, "hola". Both: It's a word that we We want you in the know. So just. Want to learn more Spanish greetings beyond “Hola”? This post on If you want to say “good afternoon,” and it's one o'clock or later in the day, you can say “ buenas tardes.” The n at the end will indicate that you just said hello to everyone.

By enrique cabrejas. El origen del nombre TORO. Download pdf.

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