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Innovative $olutions Log In Sign Up. Stadler, A. Smith, M. Smith Green G The energy productivity roadmap Doubling energy productivity of the built environment by 31 August Draft Version 1. Contributing also: Energetics provides significant in-kind support, notably through contributions to the project by Innovative $olutions Jutsen and Anita Stadler.

We acknowledge our project collaborators: The views expressed in this text are those of A2SE and are not necessarily those of our supporters and partners. We have taken all care to Innovative $olutions that data is correct.

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All responsibility for the text rests with us. The Innovative $olutions productivity roadmap - Doubling energy productivity of the built environment byDraft Version 1. Energy productivity is a stated policy priority for federal, state and territory governments.

Improving energy productivity is about increasing the economic value created per physical, as well as monetary, unit of energy consumed. Other major economies are well ahead of Australia in Innovative $olutions their energy productivity.

Not only is the mean economic value per unit of energy consumed by the $olutiond of Innovatice G20 countries higher than for Australia, so too is the G20 mean growth in energy productivity.

Australia must act Innovative $olutions keep pace so Free adult phone Hotunmilla it avoids entrenching competitive disadvantage whilst G20 peers accelerate away A2SE, a. This discussion paper provides an Innovative $olutions of issues that need to be addressed to substantially enhance energy productivity in the built environment, with a focus on the operational stage of the life 1 cycle.

Innovative $olutions

It also provides a starting point for Innovative $olutions with stakeholders and development of a 2xEP Roadmap for the built environment. The built environment directly supports employment through construction, design, and maintenance, and indirectly Innovative $olutions the commercial and services sectors and employment more generally.

Inthis came to PJ of final energy Stadler, Unfortunately, the cost of energy in Australia has increased Innovative $olutions and steeply: Sex in Chicago Illinois ok tonight such an energy-intensive sector, this is an extraordinary increase in costs, placing a significant burden on the Australian 1 The construction industry is referenced in regards $olutionw the energy profile of buildings, but most of the construction sector remains beyond the scope of this report.

Since the construction phase Innovative $olutions generally excluded from the scope, we the report also does not consider embodied emissions of materials used during the construction process.

Innovative $olutions An energy productive built environment would underpin economic prosperity by optimising the energy performance of infrastructure at all scales. In practice, this would require collaboration from public and private owners of infrastructure to transform the urban landscape, and associated arrangements for energy use and supply.

An appropriate and practical energy Innovative $olutions target could focus investment by the sector and individual operators Innovative $olutions economically efficient opportunities. A2SE proposes to consult with a diverse range of stakeholders about what this target should be, the optimal pathways to follow for different sub-sectors Innovative $olutions reach the agreed voluntary target, as well as how improvement in the energy productivity of the built environment could be tracked.

Consultation will canvass collaborative action that the industry could take to support a significant improvement in energy productivity and recommend actions required by governments to reduce or remove barriers to achieving such a target. Potential strategies Energy productivity is typically expressed as the real economic output per unit for improving energy of energy usually primary energy.

Consequently, the potential to achieve a productivity voluntary energy productivity target could be influenced by adopting complementary strategies that could either increase economic output or reduce the relative energy consumption per dollar output. Energy productivity is not energy efficiency by a different name. Energy efficiency — which generally focuses on using less energy to deliver the same Married woman personals in Procious West Virginia — is, however, one of four key strategies, as illustrated below.

Systems optimisation — focusing on precinct scale energy-related aspects of the built environment as a system, including Innovative $olutions urban infrastructure planning and design to optimise asset utilisation. These Innovative $olutions may be implemented for reasons of broader productivity improvement such as urban regeneration, but greater value can be realised by adding a deliberate focus on energy productivity. Business model Innovative $olutions — focusing on the energy-related aspects of fundamental longer-term change in industry norms.

This relates to, amongst other factors, the way space is utilised for buildings and infrastructure e. Value creation or preservation Innovative $olutions a Hot lady want real sex Barrow on quantitative, as well Innovative $olutions qualitative aspects of the built environment from the perspective of individual property owners and society in general.

Consequently, energy productivity is not just about reducing inputs: In some instances, this may lead to increased energy consumption at Innovative $olutions same time as improved energy productivity.

Opportunities to There have been positive steps in the built environment sector over Beautiful ladies seeking group sex Olathe improve energy years with regard to energy productivity, particularly through significant productivity in the investment $olytions large public and private sector office occupants, mostly relating built environment to the efficiency of heating and cooling.

However, an energy productive built environment sits at the intersection of urban design, infrastructure investment, technological advances and socio-economic Innovative $olutions trends.

Isolated investments are therefore unlikely to Innovative $olutions an energy productive built environment. Productivity improvement in such a complex system will require co-ordinated action.

There are many opportunities across the strategic areas highlighted above: Energy efficient lighting retrofits and behaviour change are relatively easy and quick to implement, but could cut lighting energy usage by more than half.

Exploiting the above opportunities requires a proactive and long-term perspective to Innovative $olutions the benefits on an economy wide basis. Measures Innovative $olutions needed across the spectrum of policy, investment decision-making, technology, $olutiojs and urban planning.

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Innovative $olutions Urgent action is required as the useful Innovative $olutions of most built assets e. However, not all actions are capital intensive.

This transition can be facilitated Innovative $olutions a range of strategies, including: Benefits from 2xEP The benefits of a significant improvement in energy productivity in the built for built environment environment will depend on new regulations, and the voluntary target and actions agreed by the sector, but could include: Using precinct-scale renewable power could provide many residents Lonely in Austin Texas 27 ri ma line 27 commercial areas with Innovative $olutions substantial amount of extra power, relatively subsidised by the economies of scale.

Built environment A successful outcome from the A2SE 2xEP Roadmap process will be a program objectives realistic but challenging energy productivity target and a plan developed by the sector, supported by a broad range of industry constituents, to lead changes in the sector and their individual businesses to achieve the target.

Such changes could be achieved through a collaborative process, involving built environment businesses and Women seeking casual sex Atwater California, researchers and industry associations, with government engagement to accelerate innovation, transformation and value-adding in the sector.

Boundaries of this report Structure of this report The case for $olufions in the Australian built environment Significance of the built environment Energy use by the built environment Energy cost Potential for improvement in use of energy $olutionw studies Minimum energy performance standards for equipment Performance of the building stock Energy productivity in the built environment Defining energy productivity Characteristics of an energy productive built environment Measuring built environment energy productivity improvement What does a doubling of energy productivity mean Innovative $olutions the built environment?

Baseline energy productivity Opportunities to improve energy productivity Strategy area 1: Traditional energy management Energy efficient equipment and passive building design Distributed generation and storage Power factor correction Waste heat recovery Data and energy management Advanced building management systems Strategy area 2: System optimisation Precinct scale retrofits to address heat-island effects Free cheaters porn post falls infrastructure Innovative $olutions precinct design Strategy area 3: Business model transformation New technologies and building design Eco districts and Innovative $olutions development models Smart hubs, teleworking and video conferencing Strategy area 4: Building energy performance and investment returns Building energy performance and labour productivity Barriers to energy productivity Prevailing investment paradigms Split incentives Unsupportive regulatory environment Lack of information and Innovative $olutions