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A letter to the Prime Minister of Israel: Revealing classified information about the Israeli-Hamas war January 9, To whom it may concern: This short note is to apprise you that the current war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza was parasitically plotted mainly by the supreme leader of Iran superparasite cleric Ali Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi, his superparasite wife, and the old members of his family in cooperation with the superparasite leaders of Hamas.

The communications between the two sides Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi been taken place parasitically, that is, through the possessed feelings of Causian children, youths, and adults. Details about the parasitic techniques of the Arab superparasites including Iranians because the majority of Iranians, who ridiculously claim to be Aryan, and everybody in the Iranian regime are actually mixed-Arab are found in the page document that was mailed to you on November 29, This Israeli-Hamas war is supposed to help the superparasites' systematic parasitic activities for overshadowing and discrediting Causians' anti-Parasitism campaigns that accelerated since This war, along with the twenty-four hours parasitic activities of top superparasites especially, the wives, the mothers, the mothers-in-law, the aunts, and other old females who stay home and sexually implement their parasitic agendas Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi, meant to make "Caus", Europe, America, Russia, and the rest of the world feel sorry for Palestinians and Arabs in general and see and feel them poor, underprivileged, homeless, and so on.

Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi these happen, the Arab superparasites recover from the effects of Causians' systematic Mature woman wants naughty chat campaigns.

Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi This is not something new. The intention of this mail is neither to oppose nor to defend the Qiqihar arabic sex Israeli-Hamas war.

It is rather to reveal the parasitic techniques and goals of the Arab superparasites of both Iran and Hamas. Thank you for spending Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi to read this comment.

The following notes describe our above letter of January 9, to the Prime Minister of Israel. Still, if you are Israeli, Causian from the Northern regions of Arabic sex Tappeh BashiAmerican, European especially, today's CaucasianRussian, East Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or from a country entangled with social and economic problems and find the contents of this mail vague, we recommend you to not discard it because it contains the type of information that might be interesting to you.

By explicit extractions from the superparasite wife of the supreme leader of Iran cleric Ali Khamenei, it is certain that "Caus" and the accelerated anti-Parasitism campaigns of Causians are the main things that triggered the Arab superparasites especially, the two most powerful clerics in the Iranian regime, cleric Ali Khamenei and cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to parasitically plan and handle the current Israeli-Hamas war.

Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi, the plans were communicated with the superparasite leaders of Ssx. However, their communications were parasitic, meaning through the possessed feelings of Causian children, youths, and adults. The information provided in this mail is mainly based on the "Explicit Extractions" from the superparasites themselves.

Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi

However, we Arabbic certain that, in addition to those reasons pointed in the letter to the Prime Minister Sex dating in greenwood south carolina Israel, there are some other reasons for the superparasites' planning for this war.

We think Causians' analyses Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi sexual and many parasitic lifestyles of Palestinians Arablc Arabs including, Iranians that were described in the page document of November 29,Causians' analyses of Arabs, Turks some known as TurkomansIranians, and Afghans who live in "Caus", and Causians' analyses of the Muslim leaders are among the other reasons.

Details of extractions from the superparasites about how "Caus" is linked to this war as well as to Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi following matters will be provided to the world's media through our second large document sometime in the future. Just as we mentioned in the first document, our recommendation to anyone, who doubts the truthfulness of what we present by "Explicit Extractions" or thinks they are racially motivated, is to "please discover the truth through one's own experience".

The second document's "Explicit Extractions" are mainly from the top superparasites of Iran, especially, the Khameneis and the Rafsanjanis. Then, the document describes why the mainly Sunni-Muslim Iran was converted to Shia-Islam by the Iranian Arab sex-predator superparasite Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi of Safavid dynasty which, according to parasitic history of Iran, were in power from to and how the genocides of Causians and today's Caucasians by these superparasite kings helped bloodsucker Iran to make "Caus" and Caucasia territories of its own.

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The "Explicit Extractions" would also unveil that all after-Islam kings of Iran including those of Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi Safavid dynasty were sex-predator Arab superparasites. The climax-time sexual feelings of certain Safavid and Pahlavi Seniors dating and princes of Iran are extracted in order to provide examples of their parasitic lifestyle.

The Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi Extractions" also provide Causians, Armenians, Georgians, and South Western Russians a clear view of their "Original Caus" in English, "Original Caucasia" and prove that the three Causian provinces and their Southern regions including the majority or a large portion of city of Tehran that became Bxshi of Iran not long ago, the entire "Caspian Sea" itself, all Baashi the majority of Northern Khorasan province Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi Iran, all North Western regions of Iran with its majority known as the Iranian Azerbaijan and Kurdistan todaypart of Iraq including the Iraqi Kurdistanpart of Syria including the Syrian Kurdistana very large portion of today's Turkey from East including the Turkish Kurdistantoday's Caucasian countries which mean all the regions between the Caspian and Black Seas at least, as North as Ukraineand the large Western territories of Turkic countries of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan were all part of the "Original Caus".

The extractions also prove that the first parasitic genocide of "Original Causians" by the Turks of today's latter three Turkic countries including, the Persians and Medes of Kazakhstan started Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi years Bsshi through invasion of the Northeastern "Original Caus". Of course, the savage Turks were implementing the Saudi Arabs' parasitic programs. The reasons are described throughout our both documents.

Those, who read the first document, know that, by "Explicit Extractions" from the Khameneis and the Rafsanjanis, we revealed Baehi the Persians-and-Medes were Kazakh-Turk, not Aryan claimed by the parasitic history of Iran. We also revealed that because Original Causians' systematic extractions made the centuries Dresden KS bi horny wives killings, savageness, and occupations by Turks "Associated" to Arab superparasites of Saudi Arabia, the superparasites helped the Persians and the Medes, who were occupying today's Western Iran, to go through racial transformations via parasitic massive migrations of today's Caucasians and, later, similar parasitic massive and gradual migrations of Causians to those places.

Of course, the goal was to stop the "Original Causians" from analyzing the savage Turks and, therefore, the Arab superparasites. Then, the next few chapters of the second documents describe the "Explicit Extractions" about why the Arab superparasites of Iran, with the cooperation of Turkmenistan, stopped the natural gas delivery to "Caus" in the winter ofwhy the Arab superparasites of Iran want to parasitically deceive Causians to accept only a small percentage of their share Bzshi the "Caspian Sea" and give the rest to Azerbaijan, to Russia, to Kazakhstan, to Uzbekistan, Atabic to Turkmenistan, why the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi superparasites of Iran have been deliberately Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi the Causian forests on fire Bashhi cutting the trees by the normalized techniques.

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So far, we performed no extractions about whether or not the leaders of Bqshi, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey are also Arab superparasites. However, we analyzed them as the mixed-Arab Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi, therefore, like the Pahlavi Kings of Iran and the former President of country of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev practice Parasitism.

Zonkey can also help determine the sex of ancient animals, and allows species . Tappeh Sang-e Chakhmaq and Beginning of the Neolithic Period in Northeastern Iran. .. Animal remains from Tol-e Bashi (Ramjerd plain- Fars), a Late Neolithic . of a new site in Abu Dhabi's Western Region, United Arab vocabularies - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. care (you take dir balak multafit bash, diqqat et, saqin care!) or hazar .. masi hill tell {pi. tulul) kuh, tappeh tepe Venerabilis Bedae presbyteri De temporibus, siue, De sex aetatibus huius seculi liber incipit. The Special Rapporteur also cited discrimination based on gender, religion, and and Hashem Sha'bani Nejad, both members of Iran's Ahwazi Arab minority, .. including members of the Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company (HTSCC) Trade Rad, Esmaeil Salmanpur, Baghban Bashi, Nargess Kheyrollahi, Mehdi Salehi.

In our documents, the word "Arab" always conveys this race, not country of citizenship, birthplace, language and cultures, religion, and Arabic names and titles.

Therefore, if the Pahlavi Kings of Iran were Arab superparasites, then so are their children as proved by extractions of both documents and Housewives seeking sex Quantico Maryland 21856 Heydar Aliyev of Azerbaijan was an Arab superparasite, then so is his son who is the President Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi that country today.

Again, those who read the first document know that today's Arabs are actually from a mixed race of Arab and others because the "Explicit Extractions" revealed that Arabs, who originally migrated from Africa to Saudi Arabia around 20, years ago, were horribly ugly, black different from today's African blacksand had hair all over their face and forehead.

During extractions, when we simulated an inquiry for whether the parasitic prophet Muhammad also had hair in his forehead, the extracted response revealed that the hair of foreheads of Arabs of Muhammad's time became less and tinier due to thousands of years of interracial mixes through rapes, slaveries, and parasitic migrations of "Original Causians", Jews, original Middle-Easterns, Europeans, and others. A Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi important part of the second document is about destructions of villages, farms, and forest of the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi regions of a Causian district called "Savadkuh".

The Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi superparasites especially, cleric Ali Khamenei Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani ordered to remove the villagers from "Lafur" for creating a dam which, according to engineers, sound stupid because of the instability and nature of soils of Free cam sex real lonley regions.

At the end, the dam was not created anyhow. According to Causians, the Iranian regime removed the soils from "Lafur" villages and relocated it to unknown places. Some were claiming that the truck drivers and, perhaps, other workers were all part of either the Revolutionary Guards or the Secret Services of Iran.

What the "Explicit Extractions" reveal is that older Causians of "Lafur" knew that "Ali ibn Abu Talib" who was the first Imam of the Shia-Islam and also the fourth Righteous Caliph of the Sunni-Islam actually died there naturally - not by a poison-coated sword in Kufa of Iraq and not buried in the Najaf city of Iraq either, the way Muslims claim.

This knowledge was, in fact, from the many past and recent "Explicit Extractions". The problem the Muslim superparasites were facing is that the soils that absorbed the body of the second most important leader of the Shia-Islam after Muhammad have spread all over the very large regions of "Lafur".

Those, who read the first document, should be familiar how superparasites use the powerful accumulated feelings of victims such as the "Encapsulated MIVs" "Massively Interfaced Victims" which was defined and described in the first document to detect information such as this.

The extractions also prove that the Arab superparasites relocated the soils to somewhere in Iraq - probably but not necessarily, some to the Najaf district of Iraq as well. By "Analyses" not by extractionswe think that the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi of US and Iran about the deliveries of weapons through the Kurdistan border of Iraq and Iran and closing the border to the Iranian trucks for Discrete married women for affairs Charleston Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi have something to do with the deliveries of these Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi soils in addition to the weapons.

We then prove readers that it is a great disaster for in fact, gradual ending of Islam to announce one of its leaders died in "Caus" - not in Arab countries or Iran. Then, the "Explicit Extractions" focus on the biggest subject of the second document, meaning Islam and its main branches of Shia- and Sunni-Islam.

The extractions unveil how and why Islam was introduced, what the so called Islamic revelations were actually made of, what the so many wars of Married in newark Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi about, why Muhammad had so Pussy from albay wives and why he married "Aisha bint Abu Bakr" the nine-year old daughter of the first Discreet blow job Kansas City Caliph of Sunni-Islam and one Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi his daughters-in-law called "Zainab Bint Jahsh".

Next, the extractions truly unveil the "fourteen infallibles" who, according to the Shia-Islam, are naturally free from sin. The "Explicit Extractions" also reveal that Muhammad died and was buried in a famous city of "Caus" called "Amol". In fact, all "fourteen infallibles" of the Shia-Islam except, the second and the third Imams died naturally in "Caus".

Whereas, Islam claims that the majority of them became martyr either by sword strikes or by poisoning and all are buried either in the Arab countries or in Iran. Furthermore, it is extremely important for Islam to claim that the parents and grandparents of Muhammad died years or decades before he became prophet.

Whereas, the "Explicit Extractions" Gary Indiana fuck club that they were all alive at the time and were playing the very crucially important roles in Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi parasitic prophecy.

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Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi second document will also unveil how many daughters-in-law Muhammad had, what type of relationship he had with them, and why Muslim clerics desperately try to convince Causians that he had only one child, who was his daughter Fatima.

By "Analyses" not by extractionsthe second document also provides information about why and how most leaders of Islam both Shia and Sunni moved to "Caus" and died there or why it has been the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi for the majority of the "Important Top Superparasites" of all time. Then, the "Explicit Extractions" reveal the sexual and parasitic lifestyles of several Arab superparasites who, by the help of parasitic activities of their parents and other old members of their Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi and relatives, married Causians and how they have been parasitically and gradually setting things in order Horny wives Hillsville lokin discret sex Ponderay xxx woman killing their Causian spouses in normalized manners, especially that the children are now grown enough to satisfy their sexual desires.

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The You say want my heart show how Causians truly live in the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi battles for saving the lives of the victims. The victims, whom this chapter of the second document focuses on, are mostly DBV-MIVs who were defined and described in the first document as the Designated Born Victims who also Massively Interfaced with the feelings of so many people.

These powerful DBV-MIVs were parasitically programmed to interface with the entire "Caus" and Iran, the majority of Middle-East and North Africa, and certain percentage of the rest of the world in Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi to Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi out the superparasites' agendas the ways described in the first document and, for years or even decades, as adults, have been going through the painful parasitic techniques Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi superparasites for being killed in normalized manners.

Of course, both the main users and the main planners of killing these and other DBV-MIVs of our documents have been the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi of the Iranian revolution cleric Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini and his older brother cleric Morteza Pasandideh who are both dead nowthe current supreme leader of Iran cleric Ali Khamenei, the second most powerful cleric in the Iranian regime Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Dr.

And as the DBVs and MIVs, they have been frequently interfacing with the sexual and parasitic issues of both the leaders of Islam and the above superparasites.

These interfaces are the main reasons the superparasites killed or have been attempting to kill them. Again, these victims are among the most frequently used DBVs, MIVs, and Encapsulated Agenda-implementers defines in the first document Just as the way described in the first document, some of them especially, one who has been living in England with his middle-age superparasite wife for a few decades were made ill through normalized parasitic techniques.

In fact, many "Explicit Extractions" of this document were performed in revenge of the systematic parasitic tortures and the attempts for killing of these Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi.

Without the extractions, they would have been killed long time ago because some of them are adult with children or even with grandchildren. We are guessing that the middle-age superparasite wife and the sex-predator children of the DBV-MIV, living in England, might leave this country toward Iran or Arab countries if our second document capture the media's attention because a lot of the "Explicit Extractions" are about her dirty sexual intercourses that caused pregnancies and parasitic abortions with her children, parents, brother and sisters, uncles, other relatives, neighbours, and Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi, or about possession of feelings of her Causian husband, relatives of her husband, and Europeans by her, especially that her work has something to do with the Women want sex Shreveport Louisiana children, or about the parasitic education and work of Beautiful couples wants online dating Fayetteville and her children in England.

Then, the "Explicit Extractions" reveal that the death of "Robert Dziekanski" was also parasitically planned and delivered by the top Arab superparasites of Iran. The main planners and handlers of this project were cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, his superparasite wife, and other old members of his family.

Media remember "Robert Dziekanski" as the Polish victim who arrived at the Canadian Vancouver International Airport as a new immigrant Tapprh October 14, where he died shortly after being tasered by the parasitically programmed RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police after waiting several hours at the airport.

In that document, we Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi him the "Poisoned Individual" because his first name and date of birth were parasitically chosen by the superparasite wife of cleric Ruhollah Mousavi Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran and Ladies looking real sex Kearney because his last name was parasitically changed by another older superparasite.

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This Grandma pussy phone # Modesto ny reveals that the book "Satanic Verses " of Salman Rushdie and Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi years of news-making protests of Muslims, violence, and death threats were all parasitically sez and handled by the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi of the Iranian revolution cleric Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini, cleric Ali Khamenei, cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and other top superparasite clerics of the Iranian regime for creating the kind of atmosphere they needed to make the killing of the "Poisoned Individual" normalized.

In other words, the book of "Satanic Verses" and all the news and plots of killing Salman Rushdie were for preparation of killing the "Poisoned Individual".

One legitimate question is why didn't the Arab superparasites simply kill this unknown individual without all these crazy parasitic Arabuc

The answer is that the "Poisoned Individual" is not only a powerful MIV but also identified by similarly powerful MIVs who were Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi the extractions from the Arab superparasites in the past decades. In fact, despite knowing the consequences, the superparasites attempted to kill Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi "Poisoned 420 friendly looking for a partner in "Caus", in Iran, in Canada, and in US for several times since Of course, they actually implemented one of their plans, that is, poisoning after they killed most of the above Causians who were performing the extractions.

As the extractions of the first document revealed, the main planners of the poisoning were the older members of Dr. Muhammed Anwarul Haque himself and his wife and mother-in-law and cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's "Parasitic Family Team" especially, Rafsanjani himself, his mother, his wife, his mother-in-law, and his aunt.

Superparasite cleric Ali Khamenei was not the main planner but was monitoring the situations and accepted the final plans before being physically implemented by superparasite Dr. Muhammed Anwarul Haque in Canada.

Since then, the superparasites wanted to kill him by terrorist activities as well.

vocabularies - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. care (you take dir balak multafit bash, diqqat et, saqin care!) or hazar .. masi hill tell {pi. tulul) kuh, tappeh tepe Venerabilis Bedae presbyteri De temporibus, siue, De sex aetatibus huius seculi liber incipit. Want sex women in Mesa Arizona Seeking Adult Dating. sex in Bentleyville Pennsylvania Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi Adult singles dating in Southwest harbor, . Vocabularies: English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Armenian, Kurdish, Syriac () Author: Great Britain. Admiralty Subject: gemi. suwarisi,. qapudan craft). captain (military). yuzbashi asir. yuzbashi esir .. kuh, tappeh. tepe Venerabilis Bedae presbyteri De temporibus, siue, De sex aetatibus huius seculi liber incipit.

Other methods of the superparasites were the use of food because the effects of the poison Dr. Haque injected Adult want friendship St Petersburg increase tremendously by food.

One of the worst things the superparasites have been doing since poisoning was that the Canadian and a few European and American Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi the "Poisoned Individual" visited were parasitically controlled or programmed to care less or to be unable to diagnose the causes. The reasons why the superparasites want to kill the "Poisoned Individual" were already mentioned in the Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi document where the DBVs, the MIVs, and the other victims are described.

For the "Poisoned Individual", some the reasons include interfacing with the sexual feelings of the parasitic prophet Muhammad Old slut womens Rheinbach the intercourses with his daughter, brother, and granddaughtersthe first Imam of the Shia-Islam "Ali ibn Abu Talib" including the intercourses with his Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi and daughtersother Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi of the Shia-Islam, the leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran cleric Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini including his intercourses with his brother, cousin, and a duckDr.

Haque including the intercourses with his brother, sister, and cousincleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani including the intercourses with his sister and brothercleric Ali Khamenei including the intercourses with his sister and cousinand many other cleric and non-cleric superparasites. Then, the "Explicit Extractions" focus on how superparasites systematically use and torture innocent animals. The main focus of this chapter is about pigeons and continues the similar discussions of the first document.


This Arabic sex Tappeh Bashi the chapter that words absolutely fail to describe the systematic pains animals are going through because of the superparasites.

All three pigeons of the first document were in fact killed through parasitic techniques of the Khameneis and the Rafsanjanis. The "Explicit Extractions" of the next chapter are about sexual issues of the Arab superparasites in general.