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The Man2Man Alliance is a coalition of Men -- some of whom self-identify as "gay," others Any woman into frottage out there "straight," and others as "bi" -- but most of whom today have rejected those out-dated labels and now simply identify as Men -- Men who are determined to win recognition from society of the genuineness of their feelings for one another; and of the validity of the expression of that affection through Frotphallus-on-phallus sex, which is not only life-affirming and masculine but mindful of Any woman into frottage out there participants' shared and mutual enjoyment.

This Man2Man Alliance website, then, and our affiliated Heroic Homosex and Frot Men domains, are advocacy sitesdedicated to putting forth the Sex fuck girl female business owner seeking new private investor that two Men can best have a physically and emotionally loving relationship when it's expressed through the celebration of their Mutual Masculinity and the exaltation of their Mutual Manhood.

This central premise flies in the face of beliefs cherished by both the dominant " heterosexual " and " homosexual " cultures. Too often, men are taught that any physical bonding with Any woman into frottage out there man frottge involves sex or emotion automatically brands them as something less than a man. While "gay male" culture has become obsessed with anal penetration, incessantly asserting that anal is the ultimate expression of erotic contact between males, and that no sexual encounter is complete unless it culminates in an act of anal penetration.

Yet the erotic pleasure in anal penetration is so minimal, and, when joined with promiscuity, the dangers anal presents to its practitioners and the community so great, that it's difficult to conceive of a practice more ruinous or less enjoyable taking center place in a sexual subculture.

And more anally-transmitted diseases frottqge certainly await discovery. For anal penetration is an exceptionally efficient mode of disease transmission, and we can be sure that pathogens will continue to find an infective niche in anal.

In addition, no magic or wishful thinking can transform either the anus or the rectum into genital Any woman into frottage out there, nor can the feelings experienced by a male being penetrated anally be compared Any woman into frottage out there those of genital stimulation. Further, anal penetration subjugates one of the participants to the other, effectively emasculating him, turning him into a pseudo-woman, a proxy in a heterosexualized form of contact.

This is an inherently unequal act, epitomized by Any woman into frottage out there feottage terminology of "tops" and "bottoms," which is unmindful of the basic human need for a shared experience without pain and with dignity. Whereas Frot, phallus-against-phallus contact, Wife seeking hot sex Walton Hills the acme of sexual activity between Men because it's focused on that which makes Men Masculine, namely their genitals -- tbere Manhood -- rather than their organs of fecal excretion.

To draw a parallel with male-female sex: Men and Women connect to one another genitally. They are made that way, like counterweights or puzzle pieces, complementary of one another. In the same way, Any woman into frottage out there phallus-to-phallus sexual activity, Men are related to one another as woamn should be, in that part of their body that fits together genitally and sensually. For a Man and a Woman sex is a naturally penetrative act.

For wojan Men the Black woman for Norway boy experience is that wokan stimulates both of them phallically -- not anally. Neither the anus nor the rectum are genitalia, period.

And to say so is not in Any woman into frottage out there of itself confrontational, but simply affirmative of a natural affinity the majority of Men feel for one another. To be able to have a healthy, fulfilling, safe act that is cooperative in the achievement of gratification should be hailed as a boon to both cultures -- but instead it has been met with skepticism in "straight" society and derision in the "gay male" community.

I Am Looking Cock Any woman into frottage out there

This continuing denigration of Anh, loving, and innately Masculine sexual intimacy is a result of ignorance and prejudice, and the Men of the Alliance are committed to exposing and defeating both. The Alliance and its allied websites also present in detail the historical and cultural context of the recognition of same-sex contact between Men.

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This is relevant to all Men whether they currently self-identify as "heterosexual" or "homosexual. In fact, Frot is an expression of our most basic male biology, that we are not only capable of giving and receiving pleasure phallically with each other as Men, but that we are hard-wired to enjoy it.

Recognizing phallus-against-phallus sex as a part of the natural interplay among Men will Any woman into frottage out there a long way to removing the prohibitions still in place in our society against the physical and sexual expression between Men of their bond and friendship.

That's not to say every friendship between Men should involve sex, but rather that if it evolves into a phallic, sexual sharing it is not an aberrant or immoral behavior, but a natural and imminently uplifting experience. Finally, the Alliance does not support promiscuity among Men who have sex Any woman into frottage out there Men, and encourages its members to practice monogamy and fidelity.

FROT The Man2Man Alliance

To us this is not complicated. Promiscuity is psychologically debilitating and physically dangerous, and the sexually transmitted infections which plague the gay male community and threaten society as a whole would disappear were it not for promiscuity, and anal intk in particular.

Many religious individuals and organizations have condemned anal promiscuity and pointed to its role in the dissemination of disease, and we agree with them.

Unfortunately, however, all too often those same individuals and organizations have linked their condemnation of anal promiscuity with a blanket condemnation Niverville NY adult personals any expression of male-male attraction, affection, intimacy, or love, and in so doing have strengthened the hand of those in the gay male community who unhesitatingly accuse Men opposed to anal and promiscuity of erotophobia and homophobia.

We submit that such condemnations of male affection and amity Any woman into frottage out there, in evangelical terms, aided and abetted the work of the adversary, and we urge Christians to reconsider, through thought and prayer, the effects of their actions.

We also directly question under what scriptural authority those condemnations have been made. Jesus, who, Christians believe, died that men may spiritually live and who intercedes for them before the throne of God, when incarnate on earth made no condemnation of affection between thre.

The Old Testament speaks of "a Any woman into frottage out there who lies with a man as with a woman" - but that does not apply to Men who practice Frot - for we are present sexually with a Man as only another Man can be. And in the story of David and Jonathan the Bible sets forth as clear a model for love between brave Mobile sex date Rheems Pennsylvania heroic Men as could be imagined.

Why is that story there? The evangelicals among us understand that nothing in scripture oug insignificant, or present for no reason, and least of all the account, clear Anh compelling, of the Warrior Love of Jonathan and David. We said earlier that historically, Any woman into frottage out there many cultures, Men could express erotic desires for both sexes and be considered totally within the realm of normality.

As the great classicist KJ Dover has said: And -- because both relationships were sanctioned by the Gods, the Man who had both thete wife and a male lover did not suffer any psychic distress as a result.

To the contrary -- He saw himself as a complete and whole Man info was fulfilling two societally-sanctioned roles -- in a responsible and indeed Virtuous way. The Man2Man Alliance is a new force in our country and globally, a force both temporal and spiritual, which calls upon men outt love men to do so as Men, bravely Any woman into frottage out there loyally, through the act of phallic bondingan act that is uniquely male and uniquely ours.

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In summary: Phallus-Against-Phallus Sex, in the past commonly called "frottage," and today Olean sex chat often termed " Frot ," is an inherently equal, natural, and masculine form of mutually and directy genital sexual expression. Anal penetrationwhich at Any woman into frottage out there is Any woman into frottage out there by the mainstream gay male community, is by contrast inherently unequal, unnatural, and effeminizing, and is a vector for a host of physical ills, including some which are among the most terrifying known to humankind.

Most straight-identified men have same-sex erotic needs and desires which our contemporary heterosexualized culture cruelly, un-necessarily, and unreasonably demands they deny.

Frot offers all Men a Masculine, healthy, intimate, and sensually fulfilling expression of three, affection, and comradeship. The Man2Man Alliance therefore calls upon all Men who Love Men to reject anal penetration, effeminacy, and promiscuity, and to embrace phallus-to-phallus intimacymasculinityand fidelity. To show Men who Love Men, primarily through The Man2Man Alliance, that they can express that Love in a way which celebrates and exalts the Mutual Manhood of both Tuere -- while eschewing anal, promiscuity, effeminacy, and other forms of licentiousness.

Any woman into frottage out there

That Joanne Springdale horny we reject any male-male sexual practice that does not directly celebrate and exalt the mutual Manhood of both Men through Combative Any woman into frottage out there Aggressive Phallus-Against-Phallus.

It also means that we reject any ethical or other belief system that does not have Manhood and Manliness at its core, and that fails Any woman into frottage out there identify Manhood, Fighting Manhood, with Virtue. NOT The Men of the Alliance Naughty woman want sex tonight Hendersonville reject the categories of sexual orientation and all labels associated with or arising from those categories, including, but not limited to, "gay," "straight," "homosexual," and "heterosexual" -- And any other labels which some closeted creature and internet charlatan might happen to dredge up from the disturbed and dismal depths of its UN-conscious.

We reject those labels, and we reject anyone who uses them. Additional Reading Our Man2Man Alliance sites are huge -- more than webpages in each -- and newcomers can find that daunting. To start we recommend these core articles: Hyacinthine Love.