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Any ladies looking for backdoor fun I Am Looking Sexy Meet

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Any ladies looking for backdoor fun

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I'm attractive and I can prove that as well through pics and video message.

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: Wants Teen Sex
City: Milwaukee, WI
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Local Pussy Seeking Disceet Sex

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By Eugene S. You have sexy questions? Eugene has sexy answers.

Any ladies looking for backdoor fun ozy. We also always used a lot of lubricant because the anus is like a one-way valve that evolved to discharge certain things, but was never designed to voluntarily admit anything going in the wrong direction and certainly not something as large as an erect penis.

It was ladied and did not result in any pleasure for me. It was not painful in any way either, so I would not counsel against this position. It was not quite as painful once the penis was fully inserted, but the pain cor stopped.

Any ladies looking for backdoor fun

Backdoorr also experienced some tearing and bleeding even though we took things very slowly and used lots Any ladies looking for backdoor fun lubrication.

The next day, I woke up with hemorrhoids, which lasted three or four days and which were even more painful than the anal sex had been. I would counsel avoiding Position 2 under all circumstances.

Position 3: The traditional missionary position, with me flat on my back, my knees pulled up as high as possible. The only change from traditional sex was the insertion of the penis into my anus ofr of into my vagina. It was addictive. First of all, there was no pain — none.

Apparently, the angle of entry makes all the difference. And then there was the pleasure, the mind-blowing pleasure. Having sex face to face but with his penis in my anal cavity sandwiched my clitoris between us in a way that caused incredibly strong and pleasurable clitoral stimulation.

The presence of his penis in Any ladies looking for backdoor fun anal cavity combined with the weight of his body on top of mine simultaneously stimulated my G-spotand stimulated it much more strongly than I had ever experienced during vaginal sex.

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Imagine having two orgasms at the same time, and then imagine that each one is at least twice as intense Mature women Colombes what you normally experience: That is what Position 3 was like for me.

It was so intensely pleasurable that it was almost painful. Position 3 anal sex was so much more pleasurable than vaginal sex that I personally lxdies never Any ladies looking for backdoor fun my time having vaginal sex again unless I wanted to get pregnant.

And after my first experience with it, it was consistently my choice of activity every time it was my turn to choose what type of Any ladies looking for backdoor fun we had.

I cannot imagine that there is any drug in existence that could make me feel as much pleasure as having anal sex in Position 3 did.

No wonder I was addicted to it. Is there a way to bring this up without freaking out my partners? Dear Buttie System: How to drive that number higher? Ask more often and choose partners who better accord with what Single dad looking for fun in dyt, and your ass, need.

Good luck! I think it should be mandatory for men to have their partners put a dildo up their butts at least once. Just for Any ladies looking for backdoor fun perspective. Could help.

Well, not much anyway, right? Dear Ms. I see what you did there. And I support your premise for those who are willing. But really and realistically, sex is supposed to be FUN.

Tonally, your letter suggests it is anything but. In fact, the way you cast it?

It sounds downright punitive. To what end?

To make men more understanding? Perhaps a key to why ignorance is bliss. Marie Corelli melded Victorian ideas of technology, melodrama and the occult into her novels, yet nobody reads her anymore.

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Shipbreaking is a tough profession, and the industry is responsible for a surprising amount of water, soil and air pollution. Sign Up.

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Sexy answers to sexy questions. Eugene S.

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Any ladies looking for backdoor fun

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I lost the only love of my life. Need to Know Look Closer: An Invasion of Tankers or OZY Wildcard Square pegs.

Any ladies looking for backdoor fun I Search Men

Round holes. More from Wildcard. Not Playing. Tough Odds. Rising Stars.